SEO Packages

Custom Packages Designed for You

While we’ve simplified our pricing models, we haven’t simplified our SEO package strategies. We take a custom approach to every campaign that we work out. No two businesses are alike, so why should your SEO package be? When you’re working with a professional firm like TGA, we’ll help educate you throughout the process. You’ll not only understand exactly WHAT we’re doing, but you’ll also understand WHY we’re doing it. You’ll get a monthly report that clearly outlines the deliverables you received, the Google results you got, and what we’re about to do next month. Furthermore, you’ll get one account manager working on your campaign (not several people who don’t communicate well). We vow that as long as you’re working with us, you’ll feel as special as the business you’re building. Contact us today to get an SEO consultation on
your site!

Our SEO Packages Deliver Proven Results.

All of our SEO packages are one of a kind and hand-built for each client. We’ll start by measuring your current organic visibility and rankings. From there, we’ll dive into your organizational goals. After we’ve laid out our opportunities we’ll begin the keyword research process and technical SEO service. We’ll ensure that our copy team takes your UVP into account when developing your landing pages and we’ll make sure that your content not only delights search engines with proper use of frequency in keywords but your customers as well. With consistent content work and link building, we’ll start to see your website blow past your competitors on Google and other major search engines. Finally, we’ll create a detailed reporting of what we did, why we did it, and what we’re going to do next. Any questions? Your project manager is available!

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